We are living our lives and lots of us don’t even realize how much things we have and how comfortable our live is.

How many times you feel thankful of having parents which care for you ? … having a meat for dinner ? … be able to buy stuff like clothes or some other things ?

Well most of us don’t really think about those things and we live with them as they were given to us as something permanent.
But what if suddenly you loose everything ? What if the world around you just collapse and things change on a 180 degrees ?
These are the times you need strong belief, strong will and balls to make it !

That’s one of the most inspiring speeches, made by one of the biggest minds of our century… yes I’m talking about Steve Jobs !

Here he speaks in front of Stanford graduates even if this is the nearest he had been to a graduation. Steve tells the graduates three very important things:

You can’t connect the dots looking forwards, you can only connect them by looking backwards

Whatever happens to you, never give up

Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish

This video is a MUST SEE !


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