Snowboarding….skiing…you can see a bunch of normal people trying their best to handle a ski or snowboard and usually the place for that is standard ski resorts.

Skiing or boarding on a runway is a nice thing, and most of the people feel happy enough with these. Most of the time it’s safe, and there is always someone around you, which could help you if you are in trouble. Most of the time it looks like this:

Usual ski resort

But what about going outside the runway ? What if you decide to go in the wild wild part of the mountain, where nobody has even step before ? Would that be a ¬†safe place and reasonable decision ?…well we can’t be sure….

What we can be sure, is that there are masters of skiing and snowboarding who do exactly these things ! They ride in a STUNNING places, where you can feel the mountain, you can see unimaginable views and most important you can feel REAL ADRENALINE.

Well this is it: The art of flight !